Skin Problems / Dermatology in Horses, Pets - Homeopathic Remedies

Posted on April 11 2016

Heel Remedies for Skin Problems, Dermatology in Horses / Pets

The remedies below can be combined when required.

All types of skin diseases

Functional Disorders of the Epidermis

Chronic Skin Diseases

Dermatosis especially irritant eczema / Pyoderma - to stimulate the defence mechanisms

  • Lymphomyosot Ampoules, Drops, Tablets:-
  • Oedemas post operative and post traumatic / Lymphatic drainage

    To activate the non specific defence mechanisms, particularly in chronic diseases.

      Degenerative Diseases / Chronic Eczema

      Inflammation, Congestion, Fever

      Oedemas, Eczema

      Post Traumatic Disorders / Inflammatory Disorders


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