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Posted on August 27 2019

Heel Remedies for Fatigue - Veterinary

(Impregnation phase of various tissues)

  • Coenzyme compositum large Ampoules or Standard Ampoules .
  • Veratrum-Homaccord ad us. vet.

Taken together with:-

  • Belladonna-Homaccord Large Ampoules or Standard Ampoules or Belladonna Drops - if sunstroke.
  • Cactus compositum Large Ampoules or Standard Ampoulres or Cactus Compositum Drops -. Circulatory origin, also after transportation.
  • Galium-Heel Ampoules or Galium Heel Drops - Retoxication phases, iatrogenic.
  • Traumeel Large Ampoules or Standard Ampoules or Traumeel Tablets 50 orTraumeel Tablets 250 or Traumeel 100ml Drops  or Traumeel 30ml Drops - Muscular strain.

Also See:-

  • Guna PET Energyformula

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