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Abropernol N Tablets is now discontinued and no longer available, but can be replaced by the following:

Primarily for a dermatological condition, the following three remedies:-

Cutis compositum

Graphites Homaccord Ampoules or 
Graphites Homaccord Drops

Schwef Heel

For peripheral vascular conditions / chilblains, Aesculus compositum is a recommended replacement:-

Aesculus compositum

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Chilblains, intertrigo, eczema erythma exsudativum multiforme et nodosum, hyperhidrosis, hyperkeratosis.

Pregnancy; also do not administer to infants, to small children, or to mothers during nursing.

Side effects: None known.

Interactions with other medication: None known.

In general, 1 tablet to be dissolved under the tongue 3 times daily.

1 tablet cont.: Abrotanum D 4, Pulsatilla D 4, Calcium fluoratum D 12 60 mg each; Petroleum D 6, Agaricus D 5, Acidum nitricum D 6, Hamamelis D 4 30 mg each.

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