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Traumeel Eardrops have been discontinued by the manufacturer (Heel) - the alternatives are:-

1. Alternative 1:- Traumeel Ampoules 

The ampoules are the same as eardrops, except each vial is larger than the eardrop vials.

1 Ampoule = x 5 Eardrop Vials. 

To use the ampoules, instead of eardrop vials - simply extract all the liquid from the ampoule, and insert into a glass jar with a screw top (for safe keeping to use over 24-48hrs). 

Using a syringe - extract the required amount of liquid (eardrop vials are 0.45ml) and then using the same syringe, insert the Traumeel mixture, into the ear. 

Dosage: Adults and children 6 years and over: pour contents of 1 vial (0.45ml) directly into the affected ear up to 3 times daily. 
Infants and children under 6 years: pour 1/2 of the contents of 1 vial (0.45ml) into the affected ear up to 3 times daily

2. Alternative 2:- Guna Oligoel 02 (Bismuth) Drops

The second alternative to Traumeel Eardrops - a top remedy by Guna, second generation to Heel Remedies. 

It is suitable for all ailments Traumeel Eardrops would be treated for. 


  • Inflammatory and infectious processes of the ear, nose and throat (especially tonsillitis and laryngitis)

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