Top 7 Heel Remedies for Humans, Small Pets & Horses

Are you wondering what remedies we recommend for common ailments, and overall wellness?

Get the equivalent of a 1-1 consultation with our Naturopathic practitioner, Sarah Bell.

All in this free PDF download "Top 7 Heel Remedies for Humans, Small Pets & Horses"

  • What to use for Injuries, Spasms, Common Flu & Colds, Performance in Sport, while not conflicting with competitive drug regulations & MORE
  • Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing Recommendations - what remedies we recommend for high performance and post-race recovery. 
  • What to use for Small Pets for ultimate health, homeopathic treatment for all small pet injuries and ailments.
  • Key information on how Traumeel, the #1 Heel Remedy, can help humans, equines and all animals.


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