Guna Allergy Plex 38 (Desensitisation 3 Insects) - Drops


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Indications: Intolerances and allergies to insects in general: spiders, bees and jellyfish. 

It is also effective for the treatment of acute attacks of pruritus, states of suffering of the nervous system and infections with blisters. 

It is also indicated in the treatment of nervous patients and poisoning from heavy metals.

Composition: Bees, ticks, midges, fleas, flies and horseflies. Potencies: 5CH, 7CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 18CH, 20CH, Apis mellifica D8, D10, D12, Aranea diadema D8, D10, Belladonna D6, D8, D10, Histaminum 12CH, 15CH, 18CH, 30CH, Latrodectus mactans 10CH, Ledum D6, D8, D12, Tarantula D12, Theridion D12, Urtica urens D6

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