Guna Anti-Age Cell - Granules

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This remedy is no longer available, the replacement remedies are Guna-CellGuna-Matrix and Guna-Lympho 

Indications: Cell intoxication

This product has been studied to regulate the slow sycotisation which tends to aggravate cell intoxication processes. It has a rebalancing effect after aesthetic medicine treatments: massage, lymph drainage, liposuction, electrolipolysis, etc.

It aids the prevention of intoxication in the long term.

Standard dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.

Package Size: Tube containing 4 gr. of granules 


Hamamelis D3, Vaccinium Vitis D3, Centella Asiatica D3, Ananassa Sativa D3, Angelica Radix Sinensis D3, Cutis Suis 5CH, Vas Capillare Suis 7CH, Collagen 7CH, Leucine 4CH, Isoleucine 5CH, Valine 7CH, Natrium Sulfuricum 30CH, Natrium Muriaticum D8, Thuja 15CH, Laminaria 5CH, Chondrus Crispus 5CH, Ulva Lactuca 4CH, Aranea Diadema 5CH, Aranea Ixobora 8CH and Berberis Vulgaris 9CH.





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