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Guna Anti Age Met / Metabolism - has been replaced by Guna, with Guna Omeosport Granules

Indications: Activation of all metabolic systems.

The first defence deployed by the body against aging is activation of all its metabolic energies. Unfortunately, this incessant battle drains the body’s strength, leading to lower systemic reactivity, partly because decoding errors are produced in the regulatory systems.

Acceleration of the aging process is therefore inevitable. The formulation of this product is specifically designed and tested to enable the body to combat aging in a more effective and lasting manner.

The body must maintain the perfect functioning of its metabolic waste elimination systems, its energy systems and its neurohormonal systems. For this purpose it is necessary to act at various levels: 

Standard dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.


ADN 4CH, ARN 4CH, Dopamine 4CH, Leucine 4CH, Isoleucine 4CH, Valine 4CH, Ubiquinone 4CH, O2 4CH, Ozone 4CH, Calcium Fluoratum D10, Calcium Phosphoricum D10, Ferrum Phosphoricum D10, Kalium Chloratum D10, Kalium Phosphoricum D10, Kalium Sulphuricum D10, Magnesium Phosphoricum D10, Natrium Muriaticum D10, Natrium Phosphoricum D10, Natrium Sulphuricum D10, Silicea D10, Calcium Sulphuricum D10, Vaccinium Vitis D1 and Sequoia Gigantea D1.

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