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Guna Dentotox 04 has been discontinued by Guna - and replaced with one or more of the following, depending on the symptoms.

- Guna Cell

Guna Tonic

- Guna Flam

Indications: Specific composition for renal and hepatic drainage of mercury and heavy metals. It can also be used to treat renal weakness and water retention.

It is also effective in providing the drainage required when inserting composite fillings and porcelain reconstructions.

Dosage: 15 drops, 3 times a day.

Increase the dosage to 6 times a day for clinically identified renal weakness or insufficiency, or for water retention.


Hieracium pilosella Ø – renal drainage, Solidago virga aurea Ø – renal drainage, Asparagus officinalis D1 – renal drainage, Fagus sylvatica gemmae D1 – renal drainage, Juniperus communis gemmae D1 – renal and hepatic drainage Scropholaria, nodosa Ø – lymphatic drainage, Berberis D1 = Ø – renal and hepatic drainage, Taraxacum Ø – renal and hepatic drainage, Hypericum Ø – protective and regenerative effects on the nervous system, Passiflora incarnata Ø – protective and regenerative effects on the nervous system, Humulus lupulus Ø – protective and regenerative effects on the nervous system, Plantago major D1 – lymphatic protection against the allergenic effects of dental porcelain, Platinum metallicum D8 – endocrine protection, Calcium silico-fluoratum D8, D12 – lymphatic detoxification Lycopodium D4 – renal and hepatic drainage, Natrium muriaticum D4, D6, D9, D12 – renal drainage, Ignatia D8 – protective and regenerative effects on the nervous system, Selenium metallicum D8, D10 - protection of cell enzymes, Formalinum D9, D10, D12 – antidote to porcelain, Kalium cyanatum D9 – antidote to porcelain, Manganum aceticum D6, D9, D12 - anti-allergic.

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