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Guna Detox 11 is no longer available - the replacement remedy is Guna Dentotox 03:-

Indications: For the elimination of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, silver, gold, aluminium, zinc, copper, tin etc. form the mesenchyme and organs. Combine Detox No. 11 with remedies for drainage such as Detox No. 9 (Liver), Detox No. 13 (Kidneys) and a lymph drainage.

Other indications: in the treatment of damage from amalgam; Detox No. 11 can be prescribed before and after the removal of amalgam. The use of Detox No. 11 is also advisable for patients who, for whatever reason, do not wish to remove their fillings.

In this case, combine it with Detox No. 17 (Stress) and Detox No. 8 (Immune power).

Dosage: 10 drops, 4 times a day.
For debilitated or sensitive patients: 3-5 drops, 4 times a day. 

Composition: Argentum nitricum D6, Aurum metallicum D12, Beryllium metallicum D10, Cadmium metallicum D10, Cuprum metallicum D9, Mercurius solubilis D12, Niccolum metallicum D6, Plumbum metallicum D12, Silicea D8, Stannum metallicum D10, Succus betulae gemmae D1, Silver amalgam D12. 

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