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Stress to the neuroendocrine system: we can always find evidence of stress to the regulatory systems of the pituitary gland and the Hypothalamus. This remedy is indicated in the treatment of all neuroendocrine disorders, as well as the pituitary endocrine type. The therapy should last at least three months so as to obtain a regenerative effect on the glands. The pituitary gland plays a dominant role in the pituitary endocrine type. One can see that their build resembles that of a child. The head is usually larger than normal and there is an accumulation of fat all over the body.

They generally prefer dairy products and fruit. This endocrine type is particularly sensitive to stress, is easily distracted, has a tendency towards irritability and is susceptible to allergies. The various endocrine types are often confused as it is difficult to identify the exact constitutional symptoms. However, it is generally easy to recognise this particular endocrine type.

Other indications include:
General disorders or dysfunctions of the neuroendocrine system – it can be used for all endocrine types to help regulate the endocrine system.

Dosage:  15 drops, 3 times a day, several minutes before or after meals.

10 drops should also be taken before bedtime (this remedy is more effective at nighttime).

Combine with: Endocrinotox No. 2 (general male regulation) or Endocrinotox No. 3 (general female regulation).


Aesculus hippocast. Gemmae D1, Pinus sylvestris D1, Aloe D1, Hypophysis 4CH/7CH/9CH/12/CH/15CH, Thyreoidea 7CH, Hypothalamus 7CH, Barium muriaticum D4, Ammonium muriaticum D4, Pancreas 7CH, Antimonium crudum D8, Calcium carbonicum D9/D12/D15/D30, Carbo vegetabilis D9, Cina D3, Kreosotum D6, Lac caninum D6/D9/D12, Pulsatilla D12, Sepia D9/D12/D30, Hepar 7CH

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