Guna Endocrinotox 08 (Female Gonad Endocrine Type) - Drops

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This product is no longer available, the replacement products are Guna Fem and Guna K2F




All disorders of the female endocrine system, such as libido, energy levels and emotional stress.

It is also effective for fibrosis, tumours, gonad cysts, myomas of the uterus and premalignancy. The therapy should also last at least three months for the gonad endocrine type. This endocrine type can easily be identified in women.

The gonads (ovaries) play a dominant role. They have increased fat around the hips and very little fat on the upper body.

They prefer fatty, creamy, and strongly-flavoured foods or salads and fruit. Their energy curve is stable and remains at even levels throughout the day. They become a little irritable when under stress.

A positive bioenergy test result for men indicates the following:

  1. endocrine or emotional stress, or
  2. biorhythm disorders, or
  3. gonad premalignancy, or
  4. the use of suppressive drugs, or
  5. prostate problems (benign or malignant)

Dosage: 10 drops, 3 times a day, several minutes before or after meals.

10 drops before bedtime (it is more effective during sleep).

Combine with: Endocrinotox No. 2 (General female regulation) and other female remedies required by the therapeutic guidelines.


Aurum natronatum muriaticum D4/D9/D12, Antimonium crudum D8, Apis mellifica D6, Sequoia gigantea gemmae D1, Lachesis D6, Castor equi D4, Conium D6/D9/D12, Ribes nigrum gemmae D1, Fucus vesiculosus D1, Caulophyllum D3, Cimicifuga D3 Palladium metallicum D9, Lilium tigrinum D3, Helonias dioica D4, Sepia D9/D12/D30, Hieracium pilosella TM, Hypophysis 7CH, Thyreoidea 7CH, Ovarium 7CH, Uterus 7CH


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