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Guna Endocrinotox 09 Drops have been discontinued by Guna - and replaced with the following, depending on the symptoms. 


It is indicated in the treatment of all adrenal insufficiencies and as a support therapy for treatment with steroids and diabetic drugs (allopathic prescriptions with suppressive effects). It is also suitable for heavy physical activity, sport, chronic and acute stress, chronic and acute diseases, depression and allopathic therapies.

It is indicated for adrenal endocrine types (in this case, prescribe a minimum treatment period of 4-6 months).

The adrenal glands need a long time to regenerate themselves. They play a dominant role in hormone balance. Anyone classified as an “adrenal” endocrine type has a muscular and strong build, with a tendency towards a “beer belly”. They prefer meat, potatoes and eggs.

They are extremely sensitive to stress and irritable. When under stress they have a great need for dairy products. They are predisposed to heart disorders and diabetes.


15 drops, 3 times a day, several minutes before or after meals.

Combine with: Detox No. 17 (Stress)

For tiredness and when a energy boost is needed, increase the dose to 10 drops every hour.


Agnus castus D2, Adrenalinum D6/D12, Arnica D1, Conium D12, Nux vomica D6/D9/D12, Kalium phosphoricum D6/D12, Guarana D2, Strontium carbonicum D9, Glandula suprarenalis 7CH, Glycyrrhiza glabra D1, Ginseng D1, Eleutherococcus TM, Quercus pedunculata gemmae D1, Ribes nigrum gemmae D1, Testosterone propionate 7CH, Crataegus oxyacantha gemmae D1, Tilia tomentosa gemmae D1, Chininum arsenicosum D6/D9



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