Guna Endocrinotox 21 (Prostrate disorder) - Drops

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Guna Endocrinotox 21 - has been replaced by Guna, with Guna Prostate Drops


Indications: Prostate disorders such as Hypertrophy, dysplasia, swelling, lymphatic block, (pre)malignancy, infections and pain.

It is also effective for post-operative states and after prostatectomy.

It is used at prophylaxis level by men over the age of 45.

Dosage: 10 drops, 4 times a day, several minutes before or after meals and 10 drops before bedtime.

Combine with: Endocrinotox No. 2 (General male regulation) and Endocrinotox No. 25 (Neuroimmuno).


Sequoia gigantea gemmae D1, Chimaphila umbellata D1, Sabal serrulatum D1, Zincum metallicum D10, Conium D9, Thuya D2, Solidago virgaurea TM, Testosterone propionate 7CH, Eupatorium purpureum D2, Fabiana (Pichi pichi) D1, Prostate 9CH/12CH/15CH, Populus tremuloides D1, Thyreoidinum 7CH, Pancreas 7CH, Damiana D1

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