Guna Endotox 01 (Circulation) - Drops

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Indications: Eliminating endotoxins from the arteries and repairing the damage suffered by the endothelium. 

For Arteriosclerosis, this should be regarded as a long-term treatment.

We would recommend a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet. Combine with Endotox No. 15 (Fats) and Detox No. 9 (Liver).

It can also be taken by patients with heart disorders and those suffering from circulatory disorders.

Dosage: 10 drops, 3 times a day 

Combine with Detox No. 16 (Regeneration) and Endotox No. 15 (Fats).

For the treatment of Arteriosclerosis, combine with Detox No. 9 (Liver)

Composition: Allium sativum D2, Arnica D4, Arteria suis 7CH, Arteria coronaria suis 7CH, Calcium fluoratum D8, Cercis siliquastrum gemmae D1, Cholesterinum D8, Citrus limonum gemmae D1, Crataegus ox. Gemmae D1, Digitalis D9, Ginkgo biloba D1, Lecithinum D12, Myocardium suis 7CH, Olea europea gemmae D1, Strophanthus D3

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