Guna Endotox 02 (Colon) - Drops

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Indications: Freeing the intestines of endotoxins (Intestinal dysbiosis and slow peristalisis).

Dosage: 20 drops in the mornings and evenings in half a glass of warm water. 

For constipation: 20 drops, 4/6 times a day. 

Composition: Aloe D2, Alumina D8, Cascara sagrada D1, Cascarilla D2, Chelidonium D3, Colon 4/7/8/CH, Dioscorea villosa D4, Erythraed centaurium D1, Natrum muriaticum D15, Plumbum aceticum D6, Ramnus frangula D1, Sulphur 4CH, Vaccinium vitis idaea gemmae D1.

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