Guna Flower Plex 04 (Heart Chakra) - Drops

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Guna Flower Plex 04, is no longer available but can be replaced by:


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Primary Indications: For softening, toning and opening the Heart Chakra; encourages the expression of the heart.

Other Indications: Provides bioenergy support for:
-dealing with the lack or loss of love
-opening the heart to receiving and experiencing abundance

Dosage: Standard: 10 drops, 3-4 times a day.

Meridians (according to bioenergy tests): Heart and Triple Heater.

Somatic energy: Heart (circulation), brains and lungs. Chakras: 4th and 5th.

Bioenergy assessment: Resistance to the giving and receiving of love -Blockage in the 4th Chakra.

Goes Well With: No. 23 – Sharing

Affirmations: I am a lovable person, I feel love for everyone. I accept love from others. 

Composition: Aloe vera, English Haw-thorne, Chicory, Bleeding heart, Borage, Holly, Yerba Santa, Quince, California Wild Rose, Mariposa Lily.
Potencies: 6CH, 9CH, 12CH

Crataegus oxycantha gemmae 4CH, 6CH, 9CH Strophanthus hispidus 4CH, 6CH, 9CH Acidum phosphoricum 4CH, 6CH, 9CH

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