Guna Flower Plex 42 (Motivation) - Drops


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Primary Indications: For generating motivation and strength of will, in order to overcome inactivity.

Other Indications: Provides bioenergy support for:
- Putting ideas into practice
- Keeping motivated despite any difficulties -developing a more positive attitude to life.

Dosage: Very frequent: 6 drops, 8/10 times a day.

Meridians (according to bioenergy tests): Kidneys, Bladder, Lungs and Large intestine.

Somatic energy: All areas.

Chakras: All.

Bioenergy assessment: 
- Lack of enthusiasm
- The person has been struggling for a long time and wants to give up
- Loss of trust in their therapist and treatment
- Monitor the Water and Metal Elements (Five Elements).

Affirmations: I am interested and ready to get on with it! I can achieve my goals. I establish my goals and achieve them. 

Composition: Blackberry, Cayenne, Tansy, Hornbeam, Walnut, Peppermint, Mountain Pride, Scleranthus, Wild oat, Scotch Broom, Peach.
Potencies: 6CH, 9CH, 12CH
Iodum 9CH

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