Guna Flower Plex 50 (Fear Energy Release) - Drops


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Primary Indications: For eliminating energy linked to fear.

Other Indications: Provides bioenergy support for: 
- Coping with examinations 
- Dealing with nightmares -Insecurity.

Dosage: Very frequent: 6 drops, 8/10 times a day.

Other Formulas: No. 18 – Positiveness, No. 19 - Acceptance.

Five elements (according to bioenergy tests): Water element (Kidneys and Bladder).

Somatic energy: Thymus and adrenal glands.

Chakras: 1st and 2nd.

Bioenergy assessment: - Unconscious and conscious fears blocking the energy paths and defence energy 

- Monitor the Water Element (Five Elements).

Affirmations: I am free of any fear. I am safe. I have faith. 

Composition: Aspen, Loquat, Cherry plum, Mimulus, Mountain Pride, Red Chestnut, Violet, Sticky Monkeyflower, Rock Rose, Blackberry, Watermelon, Luffa, Garlic, Poison Oak. Potencies: 6CH, 9CH, 12CH

Arsenicum album 6CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 20CH, Lilium tigrinum 6CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 20CH, Gelsemium 6CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 20CH

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