Guna Flower Plex 58 (Peace Of Mind) - Drops


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Primary Indications: For eliminating energy disharmonies caused by anxiety.

Other Indications: Provides bioenergy support for eliminating:
- Fear impressions of unknown origin or with no origin 
-“Excess” or suppressed “nervous type” energy

Dosage: Very frequent: 6 drops, 8/10 times a day.

Points on the Meridians (according to bioenergy tests): Yin Tang, Conception vessel 12, Stomach 36 (by administering 20 drops).

Somatic energy: Autonomous Nervous system, endocrine glands.

Chakras: 4th.

Bioenergy assessment: - Energy blockage due to over-worry 
- Monitor Water and Earth Elements.

Other formulas: 

Affirmations: I am free of fear. I take on any challenges. I feel at peace. Nothing can happen to me. 

Composition: Bottle Brush, Comfrey, Date palm, Apricot, Peach, Aspen, Chamomile, Saint John’s Wort, Mimus, Garlic, Filaree, Elm.
Potencies: 6CH, 9CH, 12CH
Gelsemium 6CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, Passiflora D4, Scutellaria D4, D6, Coffea D12, D15, Spamonium 12CH, Sepia 9CH, Pulsatilla 12CH

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