Homeopathic Weight Loss Pack for Women

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The "most comprehensive" weight loss pack for women, with homeopathic remedies, to detox, revitalise and transform your body, now available in a ready-made package: including a unique discount.


This package is a unique Guna remedy package, containing all the remedies required for ultimate, comprehensive weight loss - focused on women's hormones, cycles, and fat loss requirements. 

Working on all levels - as far as cell regeneration - stimulation of the body's fat-loss system. Focusing on the body's innate metabolism, reducing appetite, and hypoglycemia, increasing the general energy state of the organism to promote fat loss. 

This package will help to regulate the appetite by stabilizing dysreactivity of the neurovegetative system, while providing support to the psychological and metabolic system while "dieting".

The remedies recommended in this package are aimed at completely regenerating the body's system, to promote well-being and fat loss. An essential part of your life - as fat on the 'outside' is also on the inside. Weight gain is an initial stage to further ailments. So must be addressed seriously, with this complex and very comprehensive package.

What's in the package?

Weight Loss Pack for Women


Internal Remedies


External Remedies

Price: Normally: £457.63 - NOW: £435.65


Weight Loss Pack for Women + Injection/Ampoules Treatment

Internal Remedies


External Remedies


Injection Therapy * 

 * These 2 remedies are the only differences between the two packages listed on this page.

Price Normally: £543.19 - NOW: £516.57

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