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Natur 5 - Functional and Toning Leg Cream

Indications: Natur 5 is an ideal cosmetic for the legs.

It shows a special toning effect on the leg vessels, providing a pleasant and lasting refreshing sensation.

It carries an innovative formulation, enriched with herbal, mineral and biological extracts, specifically selected to smooth heavy legs sensation and to improve muscle tone that acts on the legs swelling.
By Activating blood flow - It is an innovative cosmetic cream which helps to reduce cellulite and impoves the tone of the skin. Its plant extract-based and vitamin formulation moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

Directions: apply twice a day by gently upward massage on the whole leg

Key Ingredients: 

Hamamelis Virginiana: It has a capillary-protecting action

Arnica Montana: It has a toning effect on the leg vessels

Ascorbic Acid: It stimulates enzymatic activity, and acts against aging

Calendula Officinalis: It prevents leg swelling

Connective Tissue Extract: It strengthens the connective tissue positi- ve effect on varicose veins, and reduces inflammation

Vaccinium Myrtillus: It improves blood flow

Ruscus Aculeatus: It prevents the fragility of microcirculation and has a protective action on it

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