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OMEOFORMULA 4, is no longer available but can be replaced by:

  • MADE® : injectable medicine (as required) in order to improve the tissue tone (generic)
  • NATUR ™ 3 cream as a topical treatment with revitalizing function, specific the breast area

Furthermore, the following treatment scheme can be considered:

To be combined also with:



Be sure that the patient doesn’t have or have had or it is present in her family any case of breast cancer or fibrocystic mastopathia

Uses: Breast toning. 

Remarks: We suggest not to use Omeoformula 4 in patients with fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer.


Both the collagen needle (13mm 30G) and the mesotherapy needle (4mm 30G) may be used.

Standard protocol according to mesotherapic technique using 1 or more ampoules per treatment: 1 treatment a week (average 8-10 sessions).

For long-lasting results a maintenance therapy is recommended based on 3-4 sessions 1 or 2 a year.


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