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Psorinum-Injeel Ampoules have been discontinued by Heel - the recommended alternative remedies are here:-

Composition: D12, D30, D200 0.367 ml each.

Additional Notes:

According to Julian, the position of psorinum is between sulphur and Arbor vitae, complementing tuberculinum. In its symptomatology it shows great similarity to Sulfur- Injeel S (repellent, dirty appearance, with evil odour). Contrary to sulphur patients, psorinum patients show a pronounced sensitivity to cold and chilliness, while warmth worsens the condition (e.g. irritation).

Lack of reaction with slowing down of the metabolic and hepatic activity, as well as delayed convalescence and tendency toward chronlcity.
Chronic dyscrasic conditions with extensive constitutional strain; chronic eczema and other eruptions or skin affections such as impetigo, psoriasis, seborrhoea, acne, furuncles, pruritus cum et sine materia, the skin affections frequently alternating with asthma. Blepharitis, conjunctivitis with epiphora, sensation of having grit in the eye, photophobia, spintheropia, adenoid proliferation, chronic coryza, hay fever, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, eczema of the auditory meatus, chronic otitis externa et media with chronic fetid otorrhoea.

Stomatitis aphtosa, paradontosis, pharyngitis.
Lycorexia, improved by eating, with aversion to pork. Diarrhoea (malodorous faeces), frequently alternating with atonic constipation.
Hypotonia with debility and cyanotic face, irregular pulse.

Enuresis nocturna, chronic urethritis, residual urine in prostatic disorders; metritis, loss of libido and potency.
Chronic rheumatic diseases with slight twisting of the joints or sprains and habitual dislocations.

Migraine and other headaches, mainly associated with Iycorexia; persistent neuralgia. Hopelessness, melancholy, grief and misanthropia with an inferiority complex, amnesia possibly catatonic and schizoid conditions; tremor of the hands; conditions of fear and anxiety, thoughts of death, with ideas of suicide. 

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