Quinton Padiatric Nasal Spray


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Uses: Quinton Pediatric Nasal Spray re-balances cellular nutrition. It is the perfect product for young noses as it is a low pressure spray that moisturises and cleanses the nasal cavity with no side effects. 

Cold micro filtered hypertonic seawater moistens the nasal mucosa, helping to clear nasal discharge.

    Daily use of Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray supports our nasal and sinus mucous membranes and the local immune system to function more effectively thereby making us less hospitable to pathogens and allergens.

    This significantly reduces the reservoir of infection and keeps the balance in favour of our immune system.

    When the local immunity is under less ongoing stress we have greater reserves available for when we encounter higher levels of pathogens and allergens.



    • The usual dose is 1-6 times day. 


    Size: 100ml Nasal Spray

    Ingredients: Maris aqua / Sea water 29ml Aqua / Water 71ml

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