Recurrent Viral Infections Pack

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The "most vital spring clean" your body requires, to energise your  Fundamental Defense System, now available in a ready-made package: including a unique discount.

This package is what we recommend for humans and animals whom suffer from recurrent viral infections - common illness, colds, and contagious viruses. Flu, stomach bugs, herpes, common colds and all viruses. 

The remedies recommended in this package are aimed at completely regenerating the body's immune system, by cleaning out, supporting, draining and strengthening the immune system. 

It is the most powerful combination of remedies for those who suffer recurrent viruses, and a weak immune system. 

By focusing on the immune system, you benefit massively by increasing strength of the body to fight against common viruses, and more serious viruses, and thus have an overall healthier, stronger and happier body.

Why this package?

The core function of the body is what needs to be treated -- by treating the core mechanics of the body, i.e. its defense mechanism, everything else performs far better. The younger the body, the more "bounce" it has, the quicker it bounces back from injury or illness. The older the body, the harder it is to do this. So by treating the body's most powerful tool - its defense system, you benefit massively.  

This vital package will completely cleanse and revitalise your body, and its most valuable asset - the immune (defense) system, with this remarkable package of remedies, the body is "spring cleaned" and made substantially more effective

THIS "Recurrent Viral Infections Pack" is like filling up your car with oil, water and fuel -- absolutely vital to 'spring cleaning' your body*


What's in the package?

Below are the appropriate packages and items listed in each package. For further information on each individual product, please visit the appropriate product page.  

The Human Package (& Greyhounds)


Normally: £257.90 - NOW: £248.09


The Horse Package


Normally: £204.32 - NOW: £197.16



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