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Start increases the energy reserves and is therefore suitable for use in 90% of individuals. By increasing the individuals vital ancestral energy, Start has no specific action, but has proved useful alone in overcoming the majority of functional disorders. Moreover, it always amplifies the thera- peutic effect of other homeopathic remedies.


All functional diseases which incur a decline in vital energy. Physical and psy- chological exhaustion. Over-exertion. Chronic-degenerative pathologies (it is not recommended in neoplastic disease). As an optimizer of homeopathic and acupuncture treatments. As a “protector” for the physician. Stress-induced hypertension. 

The admiistration in prepuberal subject has to be avoided. 


10 drops once-twice a day (morning and early afternoon).
If taken in association with other homeopathic remedies or in intervals between acupuncture sessions, the morning dose may suffice.
The afternoon administration is recommended within 6 p.m. .


Hyperadrenalism, Cushings syndrome, hypertension of adrenal etiology.


Heavy water 5CH, Quercus pedunculata gemmae 5CH, Cina 5CH, Poterium sanguisorba 5CH, Lithium lacticum 5CH, Ac. boricum 5CH, Rosa canina 5CH.

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