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Stop Restless Sleep & Insomnia Without Drugs eBook


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In this NEW eBook, Sarah L’Estrange-Bell, Naturopath and Specialist in Natural Remedies, Disturbed Sleep and Insomnia, provides very effective, easy and practical solutions.


She reveals her inside story and techniques for successfully achieving fabulous sleep, on a regular daily basis.

In this easy to download and beautifully illustrated eBook you will learn:-

  • How to EASILY and QUICKLY relieve your Restless & Disturb Sleep with SIMPLE but effective tips.
  • How to CURE your Restless Sleep & Insomnia LONG TERM using safe Homeopathic Remedies.
  • How You can Now enjoy Going to Sleep, and how to Get Back to Sleep if you wake up with our Simple Solutions. 
  • Which remedies to take and exactly how to take them so you get really good sleep.
  • Tips on how to sleep with your husband/partner so they don't disturb you.
  • How 1 simple gadget can help you if you have a snoring partner who disturbs your sleep.

    Why I Wrote This eBook

    I work hard, work out and do a lot of sports. I am fit and love living.

    My sleep is fundamental and I found the knock on effect of poor sleep was pretty awful.

    I learnt quickly what one needs to do and have been helping people ever since with their sleep problems. 

    I work worldwide with people and know that Insomnia and restless poor quality sleep is endemic.

    Drugs are Not the Answer

    The sleeping drugs which are prescribed have long term side effects and do not solve the problem.

    In this eBook we recommend certain homeopathic (natural) remedies - these are fantastic, but very different to common drugs - which are not recommended.

    So I have written "Stop Restless Sleep & Insomnia Without Drugs" to help you solve your sleeping problems once and for all.

    Many people think they have to put up with poor quality sleep. This is far from the truth.

    Good sleep is essential and you deserve this, irrespective of what you do, where you sleep, who you sleep or share you room with and your age.

    I have outlined all that you need to do to which will get you back to sleeping really well.

    Your Insomnia and restless sleep will become a thing of the past.

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