Not Working - What to do if the Remedy does not Work

If you have taken a course of homeopathic treatment and:- 

  • You are Not Satisfied with the Results
  • There has been no change in your health complaint
  • The change has not been sufficient
If any of the above applies to you, then here are some suggestions to help you.

    First: Understand What an Illness is

    According to Homotoxicology all of those processes, syndromes, and manifestations, which we designate as diseases, are the expression of the body fighting poisons.

    The body wants to neutralize and excrete these poisons.

    The body either wins or loses the fight.

    Those processes, which we designate as diseases, are always biological, that is natural teleological processes, which serve to defend and detoxify these poisons.

    So all we have to do is to support our systems to help us get better.

    All the remedies on this site will do no harm. They will support the natural biological processes in combating disease.

    If a remedy does not work. Bearing the above in mind here are some solutions




    • Check and adjust the dosage
    • Add another additional remedy to support the one you are taking
    • Ask yourself if you have you taken the remedy for long enough.
    • Chronic problems take longer than acute normally.
    • Change the Remedy
    • Don't Accept Poor Results - be persistent, do whatever it take to get better.

    Other Solutions

    • Check Your Diet
    • Increase Water Consumption
    • Understand and Diagnose any Emotional Stresses that maybe contributing to the Problem

    Look for Changes

    • Sometimes there are changes occurring with indicate the problem is getting better.
    • Notice these changes, they are very important to observe. It is too easy to think things are not changing when they are.

    Are you needing Help?

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