Tegor Astragater 36 - 10 Vials


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Indications: Lack of energy with low defences.

Recommended to take during winter season. Low energy. Stress, poor diet, overwork, lacking vitamins and minerals. 

The studied mixture of ingredients in provides the body a lot of vitamins and minerals for energy and vitality in states such as poor diet, overwork, stress, etc.

With Royal jelly and plants with recognised energetic action. Recommended during the winter season. 

"Royal jelly" is the food that bees make for their queen. It is a source of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, among other nutrients, which assure a great vitality to the queen. It is energising and stimulating of the central nervous system, increases the resistance to cold and fatigue, provides vitality and longevity. It delays skin ageing and provides moisturisation. Its actions on the cardiovascular (low arterial tension, it reduces cholesterol) and endocrine system form part of the multiple qualities of this exceptional food. 

Dosage: 1 oral vial daily at breakfast, or as advised by a professional. 

Fresh royal jelly, 1,000mg., Astragalo / Astragalus 0.4ml, Romeo 0.2ml, Ajedrea 0.2ml

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