Iatrogenic Damage - Homeopathic Remedies

Heel Remedies for Iatrogenic Damage

  • And possibly Suis-Organ preparations

 Due to the simile effect, selection of a substance defined as chemically similar (= ”Simile Principle”) is preferable to that of the precise isopathic agent (= ”Principle of Likeness”) in choosing a corresponding homoeopathically adjusted allopathic agent at the final stage. The simile action of the former is distinctly stronger. An example of this is seen in glucocorticoid therapy, during which the effects produced by mineralocorticoid are clearly the more valuable.


  • Immunostimulative, activation of the organelle functions,
  • Stimulation of disturbed hormonal functions,
  • Stimulation of detoxification and mesenchymal cleansing.

Supplementary Remedies

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