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The recommended Sport Performance Enhancement remedies to take, now available in a ready-made package. 

This package is what we recommend for humans and animals in the performance world, to help enhance the performance of an athlete. 

The remedies recommended in this package are aimed at helping the body by enhancing it's natural ability and getting the most effective results from the body by giving it required remedies to help naturally enhance the body's default mechanism.

Why this package?

Need to cut off time in a race? Improve the blood supply to the body to stop fatigue? The list goes on -- the remedies in this package will treat the body & prepare it for ultimate performance, without the risk of drugs which do untold damage, and are not allowed to be used in competition.

* These remedies are all allowed under competitive sport rules and have been very effective for ironman, marathon, triathlon & many horse-competitions. *

What's in the package?

Below are the appropriate packages and items listed in each package. For further information on each individual product, please visit the appropriate product page.  


The Human Package (& Greyhounds)


The Horse Package


The Horse Package - Large Quantity

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