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United Remedies aims to make available to you Top Homeopathic Remedies manufactured by outstanding companies - for example Heel in Germany and Guna in Italy.

We aim to offer your great service and specialist advice and help as to how to best benefit from using these remedies, with the end goal to help you improve and maintain outstanding health.

On this site we will offer you everything we know and we will continue to help and update this site with valuable information and products to help and enable you to live in optimum health.

The Rules of Health

The rules of health are very clear.

We only need to look at some of the phenomenal Olympians performing and see what our bodies can and are able to do.

Alternatively, on the opposite scale of performance - you only have to go into any hospital to see what happens when human beings disregard the laws of health.

If you understand health and what you need to do to stay well, the results are amazing.

Your health is very, very important. It affects every single day of your life.

What you do will not only affect you - it will also be an example to:-

  • your family,
  • your relations,
  • your friends.

Ill health is rife, but 80% of the time it is of our own making, and can be reversed if we take responsibility for our own bodies. 

We have the most phenomenal bodies and all we have to do is to look after them and they will :-

Perform beyond our Wildest expectations for many, many years


  These remedies will help you have a long, happy life and free from the massive use of drugs which have become standard and are so dangerous and damaging to ones health if used long term with no regard or understanding as to their long term side effects.
  • Use these amazing homeopathic remedies to assist you when you are needing help.
  • Use this site to help you on your way to continued health and well being.

Our Views on Health

  • Diet is very important.
  • Exercise is very important,
  • The use of homeopathic remedies is very Important
  • Combined with how you think, and how you use the subconscious mind,

If you learn to balance the above you will be able to live the life of your dreams.


We work closely with top consultants trained in these remedies for 25+ years. Naturopathic Practitioners and other consultants.

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