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The "Elixir for Increased Body Performance" a combination of remedies which are for the Fundamental Body Mechanics, now available in a ready-made package.


This package is what we recommend for humans and animals for Increased Body Performance, from the average male or female, to competitive athletes, and competitive animals (such as racing greyhounds & horses etc). 

The remedies recommended in this package are aimed at increasing the body's fundamental mechanics, which therefore increase it's performance, in the following areas:-

  • Increased Muscular Strength
  • Increased Energy 
  • Better Detoxing
  • Improve activity, flexibility and health of muscles and joints.
  • Healthier organs 
  • STOPS Early Aging Process
  • Helps the body stay younger due to lack of toxins in the body ("better detoxing")

Along with many more benefits -- but these benefits listed above are absolutely key to the better performance and life of the body of a human, or animal, whether they're trying to get the most out of their body, or are in a competitive sport where the body is impacted with extra stresses and strains. 

Why this package?

The core function of the body is what needs to be treated -- by treating the core mechanics of the body, the overall performance of the body is therefore increased. The younger the body, the more "bounce" it has, the quicker it bounces back from injury or illness. The older the body, the harder it is to do this.

This vital package re-energizes the body and it's incredible ability, which can be seen in young humans and animals. The difference between a younger body, and an older body, is the added stresses and toxins it has. With this remarkable package of remedies, the body is "spring cleaned" and made substantially more effective.

* Recommended to be taken every 3 months for ultra improvement of the body's health, life and ability. Cut out 70% of issues by keeping the body young by freeing it from toxins and poor performance of the body's vital mechanics.

THIS "Increased Body Performance - Pack" is like filling up your car with oil, water and fuel -- absolutely vital*


What's in the package?

Below are the appropriate packages and items listed in each package. For further information on each individual product, please visit the appropriate product page.  

The Human Package (& Greyhounds)

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