Explaining Potentization with Nuclear Homoeopathy


We all know that after potentization the latent curative power of the drug is aroused.

But how is it aroused, why is it aroused this is always been difficult to explain scientifically. This can be explained scientifically with the help of nuclear homoeopathy. The science of nuclear homoeopathy is based on the science of atom and nucleus. It gives the clear picture of nuclear physics and its law that are operating in practical works and methods of homoeopathy. The potency of medicine can be measured in electron volt and found equal to 0.2eV.

This charge is measured and found equal to 1.602 X 10­-19 coulombs. The energy required to bring unit electric charge from infinity to the point in an electric field at which the potential is being specified. The unit of electric potential is the volt. The potential difference (p.d) between two points in an electric field is the difference in the values of the electric potential at two points.

The potential at one end of the electric field created by an electric charge on an electron is 0 and potential at the centre of an electric field is 0.2eV(potential difference of any field). Nuclear homoeopathy explains the scientific force those which are existing, operating and producing their effect within homoeo dilutions.


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We all know “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another”. Every living organisms exchange energy, matter and all vital processes are conditioned by these exchanges. All metabolic processes are performed through non-linear interactions of billions of different biological components, at different levels, from the quantum to the macro-dimensional.

How this energy is being produced, that is purely based on nuclear science/energy. Nuclear science has explained, for the first time in the world of homoeopathy, that potential energy of all homoeo medicines, preserved in alcohol, is due to the potential released by the charge on an electron or groups of electrons of the homoeopathic medicine. It is established fact there is a natural unit of negative charge on an electron, which is equal but opposite in effect to the positive charge on the proton. This charge is also named as the electric or nuclear charge of electron/proton. This is measured and found equal to 1.602*10-19 coulombs. The energy of this charge is measured in electron volt and found equal to 0.2eV.

Every law of homoeopathy is scientifically true and states that the energy /potency of medicine is increased or developed from the natural potential (0.2eV) of the charge on an electron. This is done by the process of succussion in homoeopathy. By succession, the electrons are excited and so acquire a small amount of energetic charge. But after sufficient succussions, more charge of the same kind is deposited on the electrons. The charge on the electrons will experience a force of repulsion due to the addition of similar charge on the electrons, so forces the electron to jump to the outer orbit. From this orbit, the excited electrons emit electromagnetic radiation in the form of a stream of free electrons, charge points or atoms of electricity into the medium alcohol. These charge points have a quantum of energy, holds electric loops around themselves and are stored in alcohol as the potential energy of medicine for future use. Thus nuclear science is the science of homoeopathy.

The science of nuclear homoeopathy was introduced in 1999. Its summary was submitted to the Vice-Chancellor, the University of Delhi and the paper was presented in the Homoeopathic seminar at Mangalore (India) on 7th May 2000.

Several studies in the past decades and recent advancements have done to explain what is there in potentised homoeopathic medicine and how it works with such diluted medicine. But today all these phenomena are well explained by nuclear homoeopathy.

Fundamentals of the nuclear homoeopathy

The word fundamental means necessary or important rule on which science is based. These fundamentals are:

  1. The law of the atom: It is the law that an atom influences everything within the range of its radiating energy. It is the law that the potential of an atom or molecule of any medicine is generated into energy by exciting the atom.
  2. The law of generation of energy: The energy of the medicine is generated from a nuclear or electric charge present on an electron of the atom. It is a law that the electric charge of 1.602*10-19 coulombs on an electron has some amount of energy equal to 0.2eV. This energy increased in the whole no. like 1, 2, 3, 4, 30, 200eV. This law of generation of energy is followed in the process of succussion.
  3. The law of radiation of energy: It is a law that energy is radiated from the excited electron in the form of electromagnetic radiation or stream of free electrons into the alcohol. The energy radiated by the excited electron and this energy dissipates in all direction in the form of charge points, these charge points present the energy of a medicine.
  4. The law of flow of energy: energy flows from a higher potential level to lower potential level. Likewise, the energy, in the form of charge points, from a minimum dose on the tongue flows towards the lowest level in the cell due to sickness.
  5. The law of potential coupling theory of cure: It states that energy of the medicine, when flows towards sick cell, comes to rest and couples with the weak energy in the sick cell, medicinal energy adds itself in the energy of sick cell and so the lowered energy level of the cell, due to its sickness, is raised up to normal or to the healthy state.

 What happens during the process of succession?

  1. During the process of succussion (vigorous shaking) of a mixture in the bottle, there is a collision between the atom and atom of the medicine. So atom is heated and proton in the nucleus is also excited.
  2. As soon as a proton is excited, its positron starts rising from the nucleus and falls back into the nucleus. This position is a hot charge point that helps to heat the nucleus. Thus proton gains potential energy on its positive charge.
  3. The electron in its ground orbit is also excited and starts gaining potential energy in the same way as the proton. These free electrons in alcohol form electro-magnetic loop among themselves, these charge points hold quantum of energy and are stored in the alcohol under its insulation.
  4. 2eV is a fundamental or universal constant which always remains present in every electron of any matter.
  5. One excited electron in outer orbit would release potential energy in the form of 100 free electrons. Then 100 free electrons or beta particles would further produce 100*200 =20,000 free charge points in the base alcohol. Multiplying the strength of potency. Thus in this way, potency of medicine equal to 1eV is produced. After each succussion, one excited electron releases 100 beta particles i.e 1/100eV is added to second succession plus the constant potential energy of the matter i.e 2 eV.

Derivation of the formula for making any potency

Potency to prepare = back potency of homoeo drug + raised up energy by succession = potency prepared

  • = 0.2eV+1eV= 1.2eVpotency
  • = 1eV+1eV= 2eV potency
  • = 2eV+1eV= 3eV Potency

30                            = 29eV+1eV= 30eV potency

According to nuclear homoeopathy succussion is done by vigorous shaking 100 times to make a potency.

What happens when the vigorous shaking is more than 100 times?

If you go on shaking the same 100 parts having the potency of 30eV, the energy so produced would not be preserved in same base alcohol, but it would pass out into the gap of air within the bottle due to following facts:

  1. The extra energy of the medicine cannot be produced by the excited electron because, after gaining the energy of one electron volt, it jumps from ground orbit to outer orbit to release of the energy gained by it. After releasing energy the electron is exhausted and returns to the ground orbit, here electron, due to interaction with proton maintains the same energy level equal to proton (30eV). Thus dilution in the bottle has the quantum of energy equal to 30eV which is equalized with the energy of proton and electron having the same energy of 30eV.
  2. If any extra energy is produced that would pass out from the alcohol into the air gap within the bottle, in the same way of sand when extra water passes out of the sand when it is saturated.

How more diluted remedy becomes more potent?

One microscopic cell of human consists of one lakh of atoms, then one part of homoeo drug into 99 part of alcohol would contain numerous of atoms. This homoeo drug would be so dense and packed with atoms. Because each excited electron produces numerous of beta electrons and these electrons forms loops that hold quantum energy. Moreover, ionized molecules of alcohol also become ionized atoms of medicine to produce higher potency. So when the particle of the drug is reduced the energy of the drug is increased by the process of succession.

  What happened to our cell, when we are sick?

Infection weakens the metabolic reactions within the cells, with the result production of energy currency ATP, becomes very poor and suffering man becomes weak and weak. The normal energy of each cell is -70millivolt. When the person is sick the energy of each cell falls, down from -70 to -150millivolt or even more. At this stage, the healthy man becomes a patient or sick man due to infection that has developed some ailments in the body.

How a patient is cured under the law of homoeopathy?

On the basis of similimum, one indicated or scientific homoeo medicine is selected. Its doses possess nuclear energy in the form of free electrons, charge points or atoms of electricity.

This energy when touches the tongue of a patient, it enters brain via neurons with a speed of 25 meters per second, and brain sends it with same speed where it is needed by the sick cell or tissue of the body, due to the attack of infection, many of the fighting guards of the body face their death in the battle with infection and man becomes weaker. So when we give potentised homoeopathic medicine to a sick, it elevates the lowered energy level of the cell to normal. Every cell of the body has a connection with the nervous system through the nerve ends. This connection is provided by nature to activate the cell and its activities within this end. Moreover, it transport energy of the drug into the sick cell.

Homoeo medicine enters the brain and further transfers to the sick cell where it is needed because homoeo medicine is having nuclear energy so blood-brain barrier does not hamper the flow of homoeo medicines to the brain.

Summary and Conclusion

Nuclear science exists in homoeopathy. The practical homoeopathy is named as nuclear homoeopathy. It is based on the science of the atom.

Law of homoeopathy is a scientific principle. On this law, the cure is achieved in a sick body. Briefly, higher energy of homoeo medicine flows towards lower energy level in the sick cells, and level of energy in the sick cell is raised up by potential coupling theory of cure, by addition or reinforcement of medicinal energy, to its normal or same, similar level, as it was held by the cell in its healthy state.

Science of the atom operates during potentiation i.e. energy of the elementary particles are generated during succussions and preserved in the base of alcohol. The energy of medicine released in the form of free electrons, the electric charge on each electron carry 0.2eV of energy, which can be generated more, by succussion up to desire potency.

We have to consume energy before production of energy, example back potency 29 is consumed in succussion before production of next potency i.e. 30 potencies or higher.

Each potency increases by one electron volt after every succession. Excited electron forms loop around them which hold quantum energy.

The number of charge points in one drop of medicine is much more than the Avogadro number in one mole of the substance. The unit of energy is electron volt (eV) because it is released from the elementary particle electron. Thus energy of Nux vomica 30 should be written like Nux vomica 30eV.


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-Dr Ambey Jha MD Scholar Part I (2018- 19 Batch), Dept. Of Homoeopathic Pharmacy Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital, Mangaluru

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