Homaccords and Injeels - The Difference

Homaccords and Injeels - The Difference

  • Homaccords and Injeels are trademarked terms, unique to Heel.

Many of the anti-homotoxic remedies are combination formulas which contain several single homeopathic elements in different potencies.

The inclusion of several potencies in one preparation gives the remedy a greater spectrum of action.

The combination of homeopathic substances and, particularly, the combination of potency chords is distinctive of homotoxicology and differentiates it from classical homeopathy

When several potency chords are together in the same remedy, it allows for a greater absorption of the remedy and for subdued reactivity.

It is not that reactivity is  shrouded, in  fact,  the  reactivity  of  the compound  is  very  high,  but  because  of  the  different dilutions, this great reactivity is spread throughout the target  system  or  organ.   

The  composite  preparation acts  like  a  blanket  covering  a  broad  area  rather  than like a powerful bullet with a narrow projectile field.

In general,  homotoxicology  offers  potent  solutions that  work  gently  to  engage  healing  modalities  which can  be  manipulated  through  the  refined  use  of
Composites, Homaccords, and Injeels.

Using combination potency chords relieves the practitioner  from  needing  to  know  every  classical  homeopathic dilution and its full picture, thus facilitating protocols and the possibilities of integral healthcare.

  • A  Homaccord  usually  contains  several  homeopathic ingredients (2-4) present in different potency chords.

Usually a low, medium, and high potency is include as this gives the broadest range of properties with the least  likelihood  of  aggravation  of  symptoms,  a  phenomenon  that  is  occasionally  found  with  classical homeopathy and single homeopathic remedies.

  • An  Injeel  is  closer  to  classical  homeopathy  in  that  it contains  a  single  substance  but  in  different  potency chords.  Combining several dilutions of the same single  remedy  increases  the  safety  and  the  therapeutic potential of the remedy by giving it a broader range of properties  acting  on  the  same  system. 

For  example, Nux vomica  acts  on  the  digestive  tract,  specifically from the liver to the intestine


Let’s use NUX VOMICA as an example, since it exists as a Homaccord and as an Injeel.

Nux vomica-Homaccord contains:-

Nux vomica 2X, Nux vomica 10X, Nux vomica 15X, Nux vomica 30X, Nux  vomica  200X,  Nux  vomica  1000X, 

Bryonia  2X,  Bryonia  6X,  Bryonia  10X,  Bryonia  15X,  Bryonia 30X.

As a rule of thumb, the Homaccord is considered as a composite, targeting a large spectrum.  It treats the organ and its respective system and the toxins associated with the condition of this organ or system.

Nuxvomica is associated with liver/kidney conditions, extending to the intestines (especially the large intestine).

Nux vomica-Homaccord is an all-purpose formula for any condition associated with these areas. For example, it could be included in a protocol or used on its own for constipation.

Nux Vomica-Injeel Contains:-

Nux vomica but in four potencies: 12X, 30X, 200X, and 1000X. 

Nux vomica on its own targets the function of the liver as it relates to the digestive process. The different potency levels of this single preparation target the function of the liver at different levels, i.e.,bile production,digestion, enzyme production, detoxification.

A liver impaired because of iatrogenic toxicity is an example of when this Injeel should be included in a protocol.

In General:-

In general, the Injeel is a good choice for:-

  • an acute, functional condition, and for impairment or degeneration of the organ, whereas the Homaccord is the better choice when the target is not so precise and when other organs or systems come into play


  • Homaccords are available in drop or ampoule form. In the ampoule form, the potency levels are generally 2 to 3 times higher than in the drops.
  • Injeels  & Injeel Forte  are  useful  for  acute  conditions  and  Injeels  are  recommended for chronic conditions.
  • Homaccords are more useful for chronic conditions.
  • The  Homaccord  has  a  broad  range  of  properties  and  targets  compared  to the Injeel which narrows the target.

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