Musculoskeletal - Reference Guide + Collection

Information on which Dr. Reckeweg remedies are recommended for certain ailments.

A complete guide to individual areas of the body, the problems, and solutions offered by the Reckeweg range.



R1 Inflammation, fever, infection Arthritis; arthrosis; rheumatism; lumbago; gingivitis; gout; bunions; bursitis; dental abscesses/affections; Duputren's contracture; inflammation; spondylosis; synovitis; tendinitis; neuritis; tenosynovitis
R11 Rheumatism, gout Back pain/lumbago; fibromyalgia; gout; herniated disk; injury/trauma; rheumatism; ricketts; spondylosis; torticollis; synovitis;
V-C15 Stress effects tonic - calmer Athlete enhancement
R16 Migraine, neuralgia Headache; TMJ
R17 Tumors, warts, eczema Bone tumors; soft tissue tumors
R18 Kidney and bladder conditions — drainage remedy Gout
R30 Universal ointment Arthritis; carpal tunnel syndrome; back pain/lumbago; bunions; buritis; herniated disk; myalgia
R33 Epilepsy, convulsions Muscular cramps
R34 Perturbations in bone tissues Arthritis; arthrosis; bone spur; bone tumor; bursitis; bone fragility; dental affections; Dupuytren's contracture; fractures; growing pains/delayed growth; osteomalacia/ osteoporosis; periodontosis; ricketts; spondylosis
R35 Toothaches, teething Dental abcesses
R36 Nervous diseases, chorea Muscular cramps
R46 Rheumatism of forearms and hands Arthritis; rheumatism; carpal tunnel syndrome; gout; synovitis; TMJ
R55 Injuries, fractures, wounds, pains due to overexertion Dental abscesses/ affections; fractures; herniated disk; injury/trauma; torticollis
R61 Rheumatism ointment Myalgia; spondylosis
R69 Intercostal neuralgia Intercostal neuralgia
R70 Facial (general) neuralgia Carpal tunnel syndrome; epicondylitis; neuritis; tendinitis; tenosynovitis; neuralgia; TMJ
R71 Sciatica Sciatica, prolapsed disc
R73 Osteoarthritis; arthrosis; spondylarthrosis Arthritis; arthrosis; ischialgia'ischiodynia; rheumatism; spondylosis; synovitis
R75 Menstrual cramps, labour pains Dysmenorrhoea drops for menstrual cramps and labour pains
R80 Arnica oil Athlete enhancement, myalgia
R81 Analgesic: headaches, neuralgic pain, migraine Back pain/lumbago; headache; neuralgia; sciatica; torticollis
R91 Blood oxygenation Athlete enhancement; muscular dystrophies/ atrophy
R94 Calendula succus Gingivits
R95 Alfalfa tonic — nutritive properties Growing pains/delayed growth

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