FAQ - United Remedies

Postage Pricing

All postage prices are calculated based on the weight of the items in your basket.

Add items to your basket, and proceed to checkout, prior to payment, you will be able to see postage calculations, and modify basket quantities if required.

Estimated Dispatch & Delivery Times

Despatch Times:-

Processing & Despatch Times: depending on the product and availability, despatch timeline ranges from; Same Day to 5 Days. Despatch days are working days only.

* Working days only - Monday - Friday.

Over the Holiday Season (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) please expect delays, due to stock and backlog. This can be inclusive into early-mid January.

Delivery Times:-

We Ship via Domestic Mail (in-country mail) / Air Mail. 

Please allow working days, the following time, depending on your location (excluding despatch times):-


- Western Europe: 3-5 Working Days 
- Eastern Europe: 4-6 Working Days
- Australia: 10-14 Working Days
- Canada: 10-14 Working Days (up to 3-4 weeks, if delayed due to Canada's slow postal system) 
- United States: 7-12 Working Days
- Rest of World: 7-12 Working Days
* Please allow time for dispatch, and the possibility of seasonal holidays, where the postal services are being slowed, due to the volume of parcels.
Please also remember these are estimates, and not guarantees - and can be 1-2 days difference, and must also account for weekends and time zones. 


All orders are sent tracked. Your tracking details are emailed to you when your order is dispatched.

If you are trying to track your order, please refer to your tracking emails.


Due to regulations of these homeopathic remedies, we are unable to accept returns as goods cannot be legally restocked, due to regulations.  



For general dosage indications, please visit the page for the product you purchased. All products have general descriptive dosages.

There is much more detail in the Heel Homeopathic Compendium Book which you can access here:- Heel Compendium

For more complicated queries please Contact Us.   


Amending / Cancelling Orders

Orders placed on this website are automatically processed and cannot be cancelled or amended. 

Please ensure products you order, and details you enter (shipping, billing and contact information) are correct, before completing your purchase.


Time Zone

We operate in multiple time zones. 


Currency & Currency Conversions

All prices of products are in GBP £
Next to products we offer a currency converter, and at the top of the website as well.
If you are unsure how to convert GBP into your currency, please refer to Google's currency converter.

Alternatively, use our on-site currency converter.

Payments are made in GBP £ - please ensure you check the cost in your own currency to accurately manage your personal accounts.


Payment Issues

If you are trying to pay for your order via Credit/Debit card, or via PayPal and it is not working, please contact us for assistance.

Phone - AUS: 0390 169 198

Phone - Sweden: 0855 923 919

Phone - UK: 0203 289 7147

Phone - USA: 786-2454-126

If your payment is being marked as "declined" please check with your bank that they are not blocking the payment - a common security measure if this is your first purchase with us. 


Can't Sign in to "My Account"

When you go through the checkout process you will be asked to either sign into your customer account, or continue the checkout process as a guest.
If you are having problems signing into your account, this is usually because you do not have an account with us.
The easiest - and quickest - thing to do is select "Continue as a Guest"

For more help, please Contact Us.


Discount Codes 

Any discount codes may be applied when you go through the checkout process before you pay for your purchase.

Discount codes are applicable to all full price, retail items.

However discount codes may not be applied to bulk items as there is already a discount applied to these items. Nor items with already discounted prices.

Furthermore, "New Customer" discount code(s) can only be applied once to the person the account is in the name of.


Postage Saving

If you purchase 2 or more of the same item you will save on P&P. 

Non-delivery of Goods (due to not being in)

If your post office has attempted delivery, but you were not in to sign for your parcel, the item will be left at your local delivery centre.

Please contact them to arrange a new delivery time which is more suitable.

We cannot contact your local delivery centre on your behalf, as we do not live at your address.  


We do our very best to ensure all orders are able to be delivered to you by fulfilling all the necessary paperwork. 
However we cannot be held responsible if the customs in your particular country hold your order.

If you do have problems, please Contact Us and we will give you as much help and support we can with necessary paperwork to help you get your order released.

However we cannot make any guarantees - but most orders have no problems, but sometimes require additional paperwork. 


Product Expiry 

All product expiatory will vary, however there is a minimum of 2 months of shelf-life, up to several years. If the expiatory is of concern, please contact us for information prior to ordering. 

To clarify, a minimum of 2 months shelf life is our guarantee.  

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