Anti - Age Remedies

The mechanisms that require biological regulation and repair, in other words:-

The foundation for maintaining great health, see the remedies in the ANTI-AGE line designed for this purpose.

They are grouped together as follows:

Part 2: Specific Treatments

              Part 3: Facial Care

              Understanding Why to Take These Remedies

              The average age of the population of Western countries is constantly increasing.

              Future generations will therefore need to pay increasing attention to preventing the problems associated with old age, which are aggravated by factors such as

              • pollution,
              • excessive exposure to sunlight and
              • the stress of everyday life.

              Briefly, although human beings now enjoy a number of conditions which enable them to live longer, they also risk aging badly or prematurely.

              They consequently need to learn to manage their “health assets” so as to keep them in peak condition for as long as possible.

              After years of research and study, Dr. Jerome Malzac has identified combinations of homeopathic remedies which combat problems of:-

              • metabolism,
              • circulation,
              • muscle and skin sagging,
              • lack of energy 
              • poor memory,

              all of which symptoms correspond to the onset of the aging process.

              The ANTI-AGE homeopathic line has been developed in accordance with this philosophy, in collaboration with Guna Laboratories, and its efficacy has been confirmed by extensive clinical trials.
              The product formulation is carefully designed to eliminate all risk of side effects and contraindications.

               The Anti Age Range

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