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Aesculus Compositum Drops


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Indications: Stimulation of the endogenic defence mechanism in: peripheral disorders of the circulation, e. g. gangrenous condition of the leg due to excessive smoking, claudicatio intermittens, endarteritis obliterans, arteriosclerosis, decubitus, elephantiasis, cholesterolaemia, dysmenorrhoea, inner ear deafness, post-embolic circulatory disorders, lymphatism, status apoplexiam and post infarctum, fibromyalgia.

Side effects: Hypersensitivity reactions may occur in individual cases.The following have been observed among patients taking medication containing preparations from rudbeckia (Echinacea): rashes, itching, facial swelling (rare), acute respiratory distress, vertigo, and acute hypotension.
Interactions with other medication: None known.

Dosage: In general 10 drops 3 times daily. In acute disorders initially 10 drops every 15 minutes, over a period lasting up to two hours
Composition: 100 g cont.: Aesculus D 1 10 g; Secale cornutum D 3, Viscum album D 2, Tabacum D 10, Solanum nigrum D 6, Arnica D 3, Echinacea angustifolia D 2, Baptisia D 4, Rhus toxicodendron D 4, Cuprum D 13, Ruta D 4, Dulcamara D 4, Colchicum D 4, Baryum jodatum D 6, Hamamelis D 4, Apis mellifica D 4, Acidum benzoicum e resina D 4, Eupatorium cannabinum D 3, Arteria suis D 10, Natrium pyruvicum D 8 1 g each. Contains 35 vol.-% alcohol.

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