Dr. Reckeweg R78 - Drops, 50ml (Eye Drops - Oral)


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Indications: Chronic conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, catarrhal conjunctivitis, eyestrain, vitreous opacities, diplopia, incipient cataract.

Dosage: 3 times daily, 20 drops in a little water.

Ingredients: Aconitum D4, Apis mellifica D4, Belladonna D4, Euphorbia cyparissias D3, Euphorbium D4, Euphrasia D2, Hamamelis D2, Kalium carbonicum D4, Mercurius bijodatus D5, Rhus toxicodendron D4, Ruta D2, Scrophularia nodosa D2, Spigelia D4, Staphisagria D4, Sulfur D4.

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