Heel's Guide to Musculoskeletal Complaints & Pain

The use of Heel Remedies in Musculoskeletal Disorders 

A Personal Overview - Dr C J Parsons


I have used complex homeopathic remedies for approximately 20 years and have started using Heel remedies over the last 4 years. I am still refining my techniques and attitudes but I am gradually starting to feel my way towards gathering protocols that may be effective. This summary has been generated by the fact that it is easy for a novice to find the subject confusing. 

Certain things are known especially concerning Zeel and Traumeel:-

- Immune modifying and anti inflammatory properties have been demonstrated in vitro. 
- Zeel has been shown to be as effective as NSAID's.
- Zeel has been shown to be as effective as hyaluronic acid derivatives intra articularly. 
- Traumeel is more effective than placebo in the treatment of sports injuries
- Traumeel is superior to placebo in recovery of hemarthrosis of the knee.  
- Traumeel is better than placebo after ankle sprains.
- Traumeel compares favourably with diclofenac gel in the treatment of tendinopathy and acute epicondylitis 
- Traumeel is well tolerated and proves to be satisfactory from a patient's point of view.

Zeel and Traumeel provide the obvious starting point for a therapist. THey have different modes of action (in terms of anti inflammatory effect) and do appear to provide symptom relief in sprains etc or in low grade degenerative problems whilst avoiding the side effects of NSAID's and the possible suppressive action they may have on healing.

For a simple regime, Traumeel is more useful after injury and for inflammatory problems whereas Zeel is better for chronic problems especially joint degeneration. 

For the more experience practitioner complex homeopathic remedies are used in regimes, which look at the bigger picture.

An overview of how a practitioner might think about the management of a problem may be split into:-

1. Symptom control
2. Drainage either locally or systemically
3. Organ support
3. The use of nosodes and supportive remedies for chronic problems.

For instance, one may prescribe a therapy aimed at symptom relief (such as Traumeel), but reinforce this with lymphatic drainage (such as Lymphomyosot). Depending on the patient, one may also consider a concurrent "organ preparation" to support these therapies.

For instance in my own case, with a history of urinary problems, it may well be wise to prescribe a renal remedy (such as Reneel or Ren Suis, or Solidago Compositum) as a concurrent therapy if I have recurrence of my backache. Lastly for those clients who have chronic problems one may well consider therapies containing nosodes or supportive mixtures used in more chronic conditions (such as Galium-Heel).



(The use of complex homeopathic medication in injection form)

For those therapists who may use injection techniques there is the advantage that specific therapies can be targeted more directly (for those who do not inject then the appropriate medication can be rubbed onto the skin of the affected area, or taken orally). When complex homeopathic remedies are injected this is termed as bipuncture, which seems to have the aspects that as times are very anatomical (such as injections of joints, ligaments, muscles and myofascial triggers) and at other times borrow heavily from acupuncture and or neural therapy. 

In musculoskeletal problems you might consider 3 major phases using this approach:-

- For an acute inflammatory phase Traumeel and Lymphomyosot are most commonly used to provide inflammatory modulation, lymphatic drainage and to promote tissue regeneration. 

- For sub acute phases, one may consider Traumeel or Zeel but may also consider Spascupreel (for stabbing pains and muscle spasm). Neuralgo Rheum Injeel (for neuralgia, soft tissue rheumatism and some arthritic complaints) or Ferrum Homaccord (for shoulder and epicondylitis). Gelsemium Homaccord (for headaches, neck pain and neuralgia) or Colocynthis Homaccord (for backache and sciatica) or Discus Compositum or Rhododendroneel (for periarthritic problems, enthesopathies, tendon and ligament problems). 

- For chronic problems one might consider using Zeel, Coenzyme Compositum or Discus Compositum in order to cope with any chronic induration, scarring and degenerative problems associated with chronicity. 

Homeopathic intra articular injections are mainly limited to Zeel and Traumeel, however other remedies may be used subcutaneously at, or around the anatomical site depending on the condition. 

A useful short and simple clinical summary of biopuncture protocols for the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders has recently been published by Kersschot. 

The more experienced practitioner may take broder approach with clients who have more systemic problems, where Biopuncture can also be used subcutaneously into points, which affect certain organs. For instance, you could use Hepeel or Hepar Compositum subcutaneously into points following the liver edge for those people who you feel might benefit from hepatic support. For those people interested in following this up they should refer to Biopuncture in General Practice.

Choosing a Remedy

To try and made it easy to gain information as to which remedy to use and where, in musculoskeletal problems, I have made a summary sheet outlining:-

- Generalised prescriptions aimed at the musculoskeletal system. 

- Remedies grouped into generalised problems; i.e. inflammatory arthropathies, Tenosynovitis, Neuralgia, Periosteal pain, Osteochondrosis

- Treatment aimed at specific areas. 

This will allow access to the same information from different standpoints to allow an easy reference system. I have marked those remedies available orally and in injection for as (+inj) for those people who are interested. Those remedies only available as injections are marked (inj only) 

Generalised Treatments not Specific to Areas 

Zeel (+inj) - mainly for osteoarthritic and spondyloarthropathies but can be of use in polyarthritis and rotator cuff problems.

Traumeel (+inj) after injuries, sprains, dislocations, fractures, post operative and inflammatory arthritis. In sports care it seems to be mainly used in muscle tears and myofascial problems. 

Zeel and Traumeel are probably the lynch pins to many musculoskeletal problems treatments and make a very good starting point for less experienced practitioners. 

Other remedies with Generalised Effects

(which may or may not be combined with the above)

Spascupreel (+inj) - for spasm and stabbing pains

Neuralgo Rheum Injeel (inj only) - for neuralgia, rheumatism, disc herniations.

Discus Compositum (inj. only) - disc and generative vertebral column problems with or without neural pain

Osteoheel - exostosis, spurs and periostitis.

Graphites Homaccord (+inj) - scars, keloids, deformity

Calcoheel - bone pain, calcium metabolic disorders.

Lymphomyosot (+inj) - after acute injuries, swelling to promote lymphatic drainage

Coenzyme Compositum (+inj) - chronic problems

Discus Compositum (+inj) connective tissue problems including tendons and ligaments and enthesopathies 

Remedies Grouped Into Generalised Problems

Inflammatory Arthropathies

Traumeel (see above)

Aconitum Homaccord (+inj) for sudden onset especially accompanied with fever, inflammation or associated infection. 

Bryaconeel - Rheumatic pains especially associated with neuralgia or infections.

Rhododendroneel - Soft tissue rheumatism, weather dependent especially elbow/hand/wrist. 

Arnica Injeel - for inflammatory problems.

Rheumaheel - Soft tissue rheumatism and periarthritic problems.


Traumeel (+Inj) - see above

Arnica Injeel - for soft tissue and inflammatory problems.

Rhododendroneel - Soft tissue rheumatism, weather dependent especially elbow/hand/wrist. 

Bryaconeel - Especially associated with neuralgia or infection.

Graphites Homaccord (+inj) - Especially if long term problems associated with scarring. 


Neuralgia Pain

Colocynthis Homaccord - Neuralgia especially from the back (or rest of vertebral column)

Gelsemium Homaccord - Neuralgia especially from the cervical spine, headaches.

Ranunculus Homaccord - intercostal neuralgia, pleuritic pains, herpes.

Cimicifuga Homaccord - Intervertebral neuralgia, especially cervical spine.

Apis Homaccord - Mainly for skin conditions but can be used for hyperaesthesia and oedema 

Bryaconeel - Especially if associated with rheumatic diseases or infections 

Nervoheel - Usually used for exhaustion and nervous complaints but can be used for regional pain problems. 

Periosteal Pain 

Discus Compositum - Tendon, ligament and enthesopathy problems.

Osteoheel - Exostosis, spurs and periostitis.

Osteochondrosis Pain

Colocynthis Homaccord - Especially for the vertebral column (lumbar)

Osteoheel - Especially associated with spurs and periostitis. 

China Homaccord - Especially associated with exhaustion and debility. 

 Treatments for Specific Areas - Diagram 

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