Immune Support from Guna

Immune Support and Protection from Guna

  • CITOMIX: 5 pellets 2 times a day every day.

As confirmed by research studies, Citomix works on immune-modulation mechanisms, and namely on the down-regulation of IL-10, which may have a role in counteracting the immune-escape mechanisms induced by viruses, specifically viruses responsible for Recurrent Respiratory Infections.

The down-regulation of IL-10 is related to the physiological increase of IL-6.

 Additional Guna Products for strengthening the Immune System:

  • Guna-Interleukin 2 (activation of the immune response via differentiation of T-naive into Th1 and Th2) - Recommended, in particular, in the prodromal phases of the symptoms of viral infections): 20 drops 2 times a day every day.
  • Guna-Interleukin 7 (research studies suggest it may be useful, especially after the age of 55, to up-regulate the immune system and contrast viral infections): 20 drops 2 times a day every day.
  • Guna Flu - For prevention & treatment of the first symptoms of flu-like conditions.
  • Colostrononi food supplement. It can be useful due to its immunomodulating activity one sachet every day in the morning.

See attached relevant literature.

 Stress Remedies

Besides immune support management of stress and subsequent stress disorders  is just as important.

due to the current situation and uncertainly this stress further creates havoc with our immune systems.Additionally post traumatic stress disorders are increasing - - PTSD.

  • Guna-Mood: as it contains 5HTryptophan and Serotonin. For the management of depression-like symptoms, sadness, negative inner dialogue.

Standard dosage: 20 drops twice a day every day.

  • Anti Age Stress: for the management of symptoms related to stress with somatizations, emotional discomfort, anxiety.

Standard dosage: 5 pellets twice a day every day.

  • Guna-BDNF: cognitive decline symptoms, especially in older patients.

Standard dosage: 20 drops twice a day every day.

  • Guna-Sleep: one of the most common symptom of PTSD is insomnia and, in general, sleep impairment.

Standard dosage: 20 drops twice a day every day

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