Easy Flex Spray - Shu Jin Lu Spray, 60ml

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Easy Flex (Shu Jin Lu) is a basic herbal mixture contains herbs which, according to the Chinese system, exhibit a high level of bioenergy, so that the circulation in the skin can be promoted intensively.

During massage, this herbal mixture contributes to the relief of blockages and tensions. 

Refreshing and cooling at first, EASY FLEX Spray (Shu Jin Lu) then develops beneficial warmth and relaxation. 

EASY FLEX Spray refreshes the body, especially after sports activities or heavy physical work and when psychically tired. 

It restores vitality to the body again and promotes well-being.

It can be used anywhere on strained muscles, and other muscular injuries. In addition, it can be used on the chest and blocked nose - ie it is beneficial to use on areas which are sore, from muscle pain, to congestion from a common cold. 

Easy Flex Spray Indications & Recommendations 

Used on humans, and all animals - including equines for injury recovery. 

- Muscle sprains & tears 

- Trauma, Sprains, Agony of Muscles

- Joints and Bones

- Muscle Spasms

- Numbness and Tingling of Extremities

- Fatigue

- Headaches and Abdominal Pain

- Post workout (gym or other activities)

- Increase injury recovery rate

- Increase body healing by stimulating circulation 

- Sports Massage 


Directions for use:

Spray Easy Flex (Shu Jin Lu) (2-3 pumps) on sore areas, and massage in.

Apply as often as required - usually once body temperature has gone back to normal - i.e. it goes from cold, to hot and then back to normal.  



Ethanol, Water, Rhizoma Curcumae, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Rhizoma Homalomenae, Rhizoma Sparganii, Tadix Notoginseng, Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, Lignum Sappan, Flos Carthami, Mentholum.

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