Collagen-Vascular Diseases - Homeopathic Remedies

Heel Remedies for Collagen-Vascular Diseases

(Mainly mesenchymal impregnation or degeneration phases)

The connective tissue which, with its high content of gelatinous substance (collagen), acts as sustentacular (structural support)organ and, on the other hand, also as a spacious storehouse for numerous homotoxins which, at the moment, are not utilizable or intended for elimination.

So both defensive reactions and the subsequent inflammatory processes - take place and it is subject to numerous possibilities of damage, particularly in the form of retoxic impregnation due to the inhibition of inflammatory and elimination processes of which, partly directly and partly indirectly, collagen diseases are the consequence (lupus erythematodes, etc.).

In this connection, the visible phenomenon can occur on the ectoderm and in addition, disturbances of the functions of the other organs (liver, etc.) are observed.

The principal Remedies are:

  • Cutis suis Injeel and any appropriate Injeels that may also be needed pending symptoms.

possibly in alternation with:

Ampoule Therapy

in particular also


      in serious cases also Glyoxal compositum.

      as well as

      Regarding the therapy, see the individual indications, e.g. polyarthritis, erythema, scleroderma etc.

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