Homaccords - Guide to the Heel Homaccords

Homaccords are particularly suited to the treatment of chronic diseases. (I think of  chronic as a stubborn problem - which we need to challenge!)

Since, in addition to the low potencies, also high potencies of the basic materials are included in the remedial mixture, resulting in a balanced potency.

Thus amplifying and heightening the therapeutic effect, as well as imparting sustained, increased intensity.

Homaccords Usually Contain

Homaccords contain one or several active substances in respective potency chords.

Usually a :-

  • low potency is combined with
  • a medium potency and
  • a higher potency.

The background of this potency combination is nearly a 100 year old therapeutic experience.

The results being of this that the simultaneous administration of low, medium, and higher potencies causes a reduction of the initial aggravation and at the same time:-

  • amplifying and heightening the therapeutic effect

Initial Aggravations

As is known, initial aggravations occur particularly often during the administration of higher potencies given individually.

Initial aggravations being that when a remedy of a higher potency is given there can be a reaction, which although maybe annoying it does mean that the remedy is correct and is stimulating healing.

Homaccords due to their mixed potencies reduce this reaction.

This multipotent form – among other applications – is particularly appropriate for treating chronic illnesses.

Ampoule & Liquid Preparations

The Homaccords come in ampoule and liquid preparations.

The ampoule preparations of the Homaccord range are, in general, 2-3 potencies higher than in the liquid remedies

Heel Homaccords

Below is a list of the Hommacords and a very simplified reference as to what they are for.

  • Glonoin Homaccord Drops - Tachycardia, particularly with excessive secretion of the thyroid gland; anginous disorders

Ampoules or Drops

Some of the Homaccords come in Ampoules and Drops, others come in just Drops or just Ampoules.

As with all these remedies you can use more than one and often more than one is needed.

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