Excretion / Detoxification Programme - Basic & Advanced - Homeopathic Remedies:

Excretion / Detoxification Program / Basic & Advanced

Take a look below at the two protocols outlined below.

1. Heel Remedies for Mild to Moderate Toxicity

Mild to Moderate protocol is a treatment that can be carried out regularly, anything from 2 - 4 - 6 times a year.

The above remedies support the liver, gut, kidney, cells and drains the matrix as well as helps excretion

2. Heel Remedies for Moderate to Severe Toxicity

Moderate to Severe protocol for all other stages of toxicity.

Possibly also still use from the Basic protocol:

Further Recommendations on the Above

You can use the  Moderate to Severed Toxic programme for 4 - 8 weeks then follow this by the Mild to moderate programme for 4 to 8  weeks.

Follow by Immune Support Treatment Plan

After an excretion phase of approximately 4 - 8 weeks, a special immunostimulating and/or immunomodulating therapy should then be done.

For more details:- Immune Stimulating Programme

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