Cellular Metabolism - Remedies to Increase Cellular Metabolism Homeopathically

The metabolism is a crucial factor and function of our bodies - it is essentially the powerhouse of the body - as it provides energy to the body, and allows the body to grow and function.

It is responsible for creating new cells, maintaining body tissues, the digestion of the body, supporting the muscles, nerves, supporting blood circulation, eliminating waste of products, regulation of body heat, and internal body functions.

One of the main reasons to focus on the metabolism, is if the body is not 'up to speed', if it isn't breaking down and processing nutrients as it should. 

Not sure if your metabolism needs a boost? If you can say 'yes' to one of the following, then we suggest taking some of these wonderful homeopathic, natural metabolism remedies.

"Do I need to improve my metabolism?"

Are you suffering from any of the symptoms below?

  • 1. Feeling overweight / easier to gain weight, rather than lose weight.
  • 2. Difficulty losing weight (despite plenty of exercise)
  • 3. Weight gain, despite eating very little.
  • 4. Signs of cellulite, cracked heels & dry skin. Losing hair.
  • 5. Feeling cold; craving warmth. 
  • 6. Certain kidney & bladder problems.
  • 7. Weak digestion, constipation, and hungry afternoon cravings, e.g. sugar.
  • 8. Feeling a lack of energy. 
  • 9. No morning hunger (if you've been waiting 7-9 hours, you should be hungry in the morning. If you don't feel like eating in the morning, or until lunchtime.)
  • 10. Storing 'Belly Fat' (normal weight gain is on the hips & thighs. If it is showing on the belly, this is a sign of a slow metabolism)
  • 11. Muscle Pains/Aches, Fatigue & Dry Skin

Recommended Homeopathic Remedies to Stimulate Metabolism

  • Citric Acid Cycle PackageAn incredibly powerful remedy that should be taken 4 x year as a quarterly booster for the entire body.

Why it's important to remember metabolism

Over time, our metabolism slows down - so it is something to remember, and take care of, with homeopathic remedies - focusing on the metabolism will help and protect the body from succumbing to other ailments and illnesses.

The "slowing down" process can be prevented, when treated with specific remedies such as these ones, listed above

Also recommended for increasing the overall body result + performance, is our specialised pack:- http://www.unitedremedies.com/collections/special-packages/products/increased-body-performance-pack

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