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Heel Remedies for Fractures / Wounds / Sports Injuries

Traumeel S

Dosage:- 10-25 drops 3-6 times daily or according to the following system: on the 1st day 5-8 drops 1/4 hourly, on the 2nd day 1/2 hourly, on the 3rd day hourly; from the 4th day 20-30 drops 3 times daily.
Traumeel S possesses anti-exudative (= decreasing swelling), anti-inflammatory and regenerative action.


(in general for the after-effects of injuries; specifically also for chronic dislocation of the ankle joint).


for ruptured muscles and shock (to be administered without fail after all injuries: massive initial-dose therapy).

Traumeel S ointment applied locally, on wounds where the skin is not broken. Traumeel S ointment may cause discomfort when applied on open wounds due to its Arnica content.

Calendula-Salbe-Heel S ointment.Applied locally on  open wounds.

Ampoule Therapy

Traumeel S possibly over the site of the injury;

Psorinum-Injeel (recurrent dislocations).

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