Herpes Blisters - Homeopathic Remeides

Heel & Guna Remedies for Herpes Blisters - Skin / Labia / Genital

Acute Dosage Protocol

  • Guna Virus - Granules (5-10 pellets, every 20-30 minutes until itching / agitation of the area subsides)
  • - Nervoheel, 1 tablet every 15 minutes for 2 hours. * This helps support the psychosomatic aspect of the herpes - which I have noted is incredibly powerful and related to this virus. 
  • - Belladonna Homaccord Drops - 15 drops every 15 minutes for 2 hours. * This hugely helps the throbbing and pain of the herpes, and reduces swelling. 
  • Guna Vaginal Ovules for women Vagina / Labia Herpes Blisters use 2 daily morning and evening.

Additional Breakout Protocol:

Preventative Treatment for 2 - 3 Months - (prior to a breakout) 

 * The Above Protocol to be taken for 2-3 months - minimum. 

Bonus Tips:  

Also apply:-

  • Traumeel Drops topically - e.g. on a piece of cotton wool, applied to the area -  press and hold it onto the area. Careful not to dab / re-apply, to avoid infection.

The Herpes Simplex Nosode Injeel Ampoules cuts out the infectious stage of the Herpes, which means I can then topically treat the herpes outbreak, without worrying it will spread to other local areas - which is what makes this virus so grim (it's spreading ability).

If an outbreak is really bad - you may also administer with

Additional Case History Comments:

  • This combination has stopped breakouts, and also decreased the consistency of herpes attacks. and furthermore, reduced the strength of each outbreak.
  • "Where I would have had a breakout every 1-2 months, I now do not have one for 6 months, if not longer. The breakouts have gone from 10/10 in strength + pain, down to a 2/10 if not less."
  • "I took the remedies in stage 1, and stage 2, for 3-5 months, and then had ready, the remedies for a breakout. This has kept me utterly foolproof to avoid the horrible breakouts I once knew and hated."

Case History

I have suffered from the Herpes virus, which attacks my lips, for 10+ years. I've tried many things, and worked hard on not triggering a reaction (too much sun, run down, exhausted, emotional etc), but they were still an annoyance that I have to cope with.

So I then followed a new protocol, and have had phenomenal success with it.

To the point where, when I begin to notice an outbreak, I can curb and stop the breakout, within a matter of 2-4 hours. And completely avoid a breakout.

If for any reason I can't take the protocol which will stop the breakout, if I have one, I can instead cut the breakout down to 24hrs - instead of 7-10 days. 

For 10+ years, my herpes breakouts would last a minimum of 7 days - if not 10 by the time I was fully healed. What would make it worse is, I would know that this would just repeat and continue to happen - no matter what I tried.

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